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Farmers Market

One of our favorite hobbies is growing herbs. There is nothing better than using fresh herbs to spice up recipes! We grow fresh herbs year round and fill our spice rack with homegrown dried herbs. This year we will offer a variety of herbs so you can either start your own herb garden or enjoy fresh culinary herbs for your favorite recipes. 

Fresh herbs will be available throughout the summer. Visit us at the local Richmond and Winchester farmers markets.


Come find us at the following farmers markets this summer. Schedule subject to change. 


Fresh Herbs

This year, we will be offering a variety of herb plants, fresh cut herbs, and herb planters. In addition, we will have a selection of vegetable plants.

Homegrown Popcorn

IMG_7137 2.JPG

We grow several different varieties of popcorn on our farm. There is nothing more delicious and enjoyable than homegrown popcorn for a healthy snack or family movie night.

Farm Fresh Eggs


In addition to selling our farm fresh chicken eggs, we will offer duck eggs. Duck eggs are larger with less water content and a great source of omega 3.

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