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Our Farm Animals

At High Point Hills, we have many farm animals for you to enjoy. Each animal has a special job on our farm. Read more below to learn about each role of our animals.

Nigerian Dwarf goats


Meet Zeus, Reggie, and Mac. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are one of our favorite animals on the farm. Goats make great companions and they love to take walks around the pond with us. They eat many plants other animals won't eat and help fertilizer our gardens.


We love our chickens too! Not only do the chickens provide fresh eggs for us to eat, but also are vital for our garden plots providing much needed nitrogen. Did you know they eat unwanted insects too?

Isa Brown Chicken, Barred Rock Chicken
fresh eggs, brown eggs, farm eggs
Barred Rock Chicken
pigs, potbelly pigs, mini potbelly pigs


Meet Patches (aka Bubbles), Peanut, and Pickles. These are our (not so mini) mini potbelly pigs. Believe it or not, they are one of the cleanest animals on the farm! They also add to our composting.


These are our newer to the farm, Jumbo Pekin Ducks. They started out so cute, but have quickly grown! They are still very cute. Ducks also provide fresh edible eggs. Did you know that 1 duck egg is equivalent to 1 ½ chicken eggs and high in omega-3?

ducks, Pekin Ducks, Jumbo Pekin Ducks, ducklings


These are our newest addition, Thelma and Louise. They love to give hugs and talk very loud!

donkey 1.jpeg
donkey 2.jpeg
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