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Popcorn and more!

At High Point Hills, we grow popcorn and more! Did you know popcorn is Indiana's official state snack? It was adopted on July 1, 2021. Read below about the varieties we grow.

Image by Łukasz Rawa
Image by Mockup Graphics

Traditional Yellow Popcorn

Yellow popcorn is a butterfly type popcorn mostly used for everyday movie, microwave, stove-top, and air popping. It is light and airy popcorn when popped.

Gourmet Mushroom

Mushroom popcorn is a mushroom type popcorn mostly used for candied popcorn. It is large, round, and chewier when popped.

Image by Robert Anasch

Snowpuff Popcorn

Snowpuff popcorn is our family favorite and rightfully so! It is considered the best tasting and most tender. It is a butterfly type popcorn and hull-less too.

Ornamental Corn

We also grow several types of ornamental corn. Our varieties include Gem Glass, Fiesta, Shaman Blue, and Strawberry.

Ornamental Corn

Broom Corn

A new type of corn, also known as a grass, is broom corn. Broom corn is raised to make actual brooms. We thought it would be fun to grow for decoration.

Image by Levi Meir Clancy
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